Controversial Florida pastor will finally hold his rally in Dearborn this evening

Apr 29, 2011

A controversial Florida pastor is scheduled to begin a rally in downtown Dearborn at this hour. The rally will take place in front of Dearborn city hall.  

At this time last week, Pastor Terry Jones was sitting in a Dearborn courtroom waiting for a jury to decide if he could hold an anti-Islamic rally outside a city mosque.   After they said no, Jones ended up spending some time in the city jail until he agreed to put up a one dollar ‘peace’ bond. 

Jones complains the court proceeding denied him his constitutional rights.  He’s expected to talk about that and his objections to Islam during his rally this evening. 

Law enforcement is out in force in Dearborn, hoping to fend off any possible violence.  Jones has been the subject of death threats, since he publicly burned a copy of the Qur’an at his Florida church.