This could be a pivotal day in the 'Water War' between Flint and Detroit

Apr 15, 2013

Today is the last chance for Detroit water department officials to make their case to keep Flint as a customer.

The state Treasury Department gave the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department until this evening to present its final best offer to the city of Flint.

Flint has been a DWSD customer for many years. But Flint city officials say they want to get their tap water from a new Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline being built from Lake Huron to Genesee County.

Last week, state officials gave Flint the green light, but only after giving the Detroit one last chance to keep Flint’s business. A Detroit water department spokesman says Flint represents about six to seven percent of the DWSD’s revenues.

The Detroit water department spokesman also says the city of Flint will have to pay millions of dollars in ‘termination fees’ if it ends its contract. Flint’s emergency manager says there are no “termination fees” in the current contract.

Flint officials expect to make a final decision sometime this week.