Deadline looming for Recall Snyder petition drive

Jul 31, 2011

Time is running out for the organizers of a recall petition against Governor Snyder to collect the signatures they need to put the issue on the November ballot. 

The Recall Snyder petition drive has until this Friday to collect more than 800 thousand signatures, so the voters can decide in November if they want to kick the governor out of office.    Those same voters elected Snyder less than a year ago. 

Tom Bryant is the recall campaign’s spokesman.    He says they’re not sure how many valid signatures the campaign has collected so far. 

 “We’re not worried about our bulk number.  We’re actually worried about our net number of actual, valid, verifiable signatures.   So it’s taking us longer to release our numbers.  But the number we’ll release will be accurate.  Not a bulk number that will be knocked down later on.”  

The recall campaign is being led by groups that claim Snyder’s policies are hurting Michiganders.     Recall critics accuse the petition drive organizers of just trying to reverse the voters’ decision last year. 

Bryant says petition circulators will be at polling places across Michigan on Tuesday to get primary voters to sign the recall petitions.