Democratic Party joke not funny to Michigan Republicans at GOP national convention

Aug 27, 2012

Political shenanigans are nothing new at national political conventions.

But Michigan Democrats are the ones having fun today at Mitt Romney’s expense.

It started, as many things at a national political conventions do, with a press release.

But this press release had the eye catching title “Michigan GOP to Hold “No One’s Ever Asked to See My Birth Certificate” party.   The press release claimed the party was to show support for Mitt Romney, who raised the issue of President Obama’s birth certificate last Friday in Michigan.

That’s partly true.   Romney joked with a Michigan crowd last week that no one had ever asked to see his birth certificate.

But the party is not true.   Just a joke by Michigan Democrats.

A Michigan Republican Party spokesman blasted the Democrats joke.  Matt Frendewey says, without any irony, that the Michigan Democratic Party would rather joke than seriously discuss the issues facing the country.