Describe Detroit in One Sentence: Your Answers

Jun 21, 2011

When we asked, “Is Detroit cool again?” we wanted to know whether Detroit’s image is changing.

Our inspiration is Mayor Dave Bing’s Transform Detroit, a event that is showing examples of Detroit’s revitalization to about 50 reporters. Despite the positive picture the city is trying to present, we know not everyone believes the city is on its way back.

So, we asked people to tell us about Detroit today in one sentence. Here’s what a few of you had to say:

A book that has a battered cover, but pages full of great words.-Mohammed Fahad, Detroit, MI

Detroit is a city that is growing and moving, but still remains deeply divided along economic and racial lines. -Alex Hill, Ann Arbor, MI

A cesspit of desolation, neglect and economic ruin that serves a testament and cautionary tale regarding the follies of bloated union pensions and stagnant business models .-Dan Burris, Fullerton,CA

It is a wasteland. -Denis Wingfield, Northville, MI

Rough and tumble with a gritty crust, but refuses to say “no”. -Michael McAfee, Austin, TX

Detroit is a ghost city defined by a past economy that relied on the automobile industry and manufacturing, and it will take a lot of work to rebuild and redefine the city. -Jamie Cotrone, Ann Arbor, MI

A blighted urban play ground for hipsters and creative types. -Jamie Grimaldi, Detroit, MI

A run down tired city on its heels but trying to fight back. -Stephan Church, Milwaukee, WI

Detroit is pride, knowledge, and of the underdog spirit. -Rob Cameron, Royal Oak, MI

Detroit is a work in progress. -Elaine Phares, College Station, PA


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