Detroit Congressman says more resources needed to combat "state of emergency"

Aug 19, 2011

Congressman Hansen Clarke says Detroit needs a “SWAT team”-style barrage of emergency aid for the city.

Clarke is a first-term Congressman from Detroit. He says he plans to introduce legislation that will take existing federal taxes Detroiters pay, and make sure they stay in the city.

Clarke says that money should be directed toward keeping schools open longer, encouraging immigrant entrepreneurship, stabilizing the housing market and creating jobs.

Clarke says he ramped up his campaign after a spate of killings this past weekend left seven people dead. He says the crime is a manifestation of broader problems.

“These killings show me there’s a state of emergency in Detroit,” he says.

Clarke says he’ll reveal more details about the proposed legislation next week.

Clarke says Detroit is also in line to receive a separate, multi-million dollar U.S. Justice Department COPS grant to hire and retain as many as 50 more police officers.