Detroit Council overrides Mayoral budget veto; Bing threatens layoffs

Jun 6, 2011

The Detroit City Council has voted to override Mayor Dave Bing’s budget. The City Council added $50 million in additional cuts to Bing’s budget. By overriding his veto, they put those cuts into effect. Bing blasted the Council afterward, saying the cuts will lead to public safety layoffs. He also says their action could move the city toward a takeover by an Emergency Manager. City Council President Charles Pugh called that assertion “idiotic.”

“That’s some BS. The reality is we’re avoiding an emergency manager because we’re being fiscally responsible. The City Council is what is avoiding emergency management.”

Bing also says he thought Council members had agreed to only make $20 million worth of cuts. But most Council members say they’ll only put money back in the budget if the Mayor can show them new revenue. The two sides also don’t see eye-to-eye on the impact the veto will have on public safety. Bing says the Council’s budget will lead to police and fire department layoffs. The Council argues those departments can absorb the cuts by eliminating vacant positions.