Detroit intervention program treats violent crime as a health care issue

May 19, 2017

Crime is down in Detroit, but the homicide rate in the city is still high. For all the talk about Chicago's murder rate, Detroit's per capita rate is higher.

One of the newest efforts to deal with the violence is an intervention initiative called D-LIVE, which stands for "Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday." The program treats violent crime as a health care issue and goes into the hospital to talk to gunshot victims. 

D-LIVE is based out of Detroit Medical Center’s Sinai Grace Hospital.

Stateside spoke to Calvin Evans, a violence intervention specialist with D-LIVE.

Bill Kubota, senior producer for Detroit Public Television's "One Detroit" initiate, recently produced a documentary on D-LIVE. Check it out:

For Kubota's written piece, click here.

Listen to Stateside's full conversation with Evans above.

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