Detroit leaders planning to challenge 'financial emergency' finding

Mar 6, 2013

Detroit City Council members have been hoping they could put up a united front against an emergency manager with Mayor Bing.

Now it looks like they have some support in that effort.

At a council meeting this morning, one of Mayor Bing's staffers said he would support the council's effort to challenge the state.

The city plans to contest the state financial review panel's finding that Detroit is in a "financial emergency" and that the city has no plan to address the problem.

More from the Detroit Free Press:

“The mayor is committed to contesting the facts,” liaison Adam Hollier told council.

Council members pressed Hollier to find out if the mayor would support appealing the appointment of an emergency financial manager. Hollier was noncommittal. Bing was invited to this morning's meeting but did not attend.

The council is expected to approve the measure that challenges the state's finding at this afternoon's meeting.

They have until Monday to challenge the finding. A hearing for the challenge would be held Tuesday.

Some ideas, such as a modified consent agreement, have been floated in hopes of avoiding an emergency manager.

But Mayor Bing met with Gov. Snyder yesterday. He told the Associated Press he expects the Governor to move forward with his plan to appoint an EM.