Detroit mayor promises better security for city bus drivers

Nov 4, 2011

Detroit’s bus system is running again, after screeching to a temporary stop. Bus drivers staged an hours-long work stoppage today after a colleague was apparently attacked by passengers Thursday evening.

Detroit’s bus system has been in a state of crisis for weeks. Buses aren’t getting repaired, and passengers are waiting several hours to catch the bus. Bus drivers have continually complained that frustrated passengers are taking their anger out on them. The Thursday attack was apparently the last straw.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says city officials, police and the bus drivers have hammered out a "zero tolerance" agreement that has buses up and running again.

“We are not going to allow these hooligans to take over our city and threaten our people," Bing said. "That is not going to happen.”

 The head of the city's bus drivers' union says he's reassured by the plan.

“The Detroit Police Department has guaranteed they’re going to be more visible on the buses, and supply that protection not only for my members, but for the citizens.”

Gaffney says this week’s incident wasn’t the first time a bus driver has been attacked.

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