Detroit mayor reject's Bloomberg's immigrant idea

May 12, 2011

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing today flatly rejected the idea put forward by New York’s mayor that immigrants could be the key to reversing Detroit’s population loss.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the suggestion during an appearance on “Meet the Press” earlier this month, saying the U.S. became a superpower because of its immigrant population. But Bing ridiculed the idea during an event with the “Big Four” metro Detroit political leaders.

"I don’t know what he was on," Bing said to laughter from the audience at Birmingham's Townsend Hotel. "We can’t provide jobs for the folks that are here."

Bing went on to say that he’s not opposed to immigrants coming to the city. But he says people won’t start returning to Detroit until the city fixes the problems that have forced so many to flee it.

Bing also said city residents need to face its shortcomings.

“We are still in denial about our problems,” he said. “People in Detroit would rather fight than fix."