Detroiters cautiously optimistic about Kevyn Orr's plan

Jun 18, 2013

Detroit's Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr, has laid out his plan to restructure Detroit's finances, and he has spread the pain around.

He ended payment on unsecured debt, he is negotiating with creditors to take significantly less than the money they're owed, and he's looking to city employees and retirees to sacrifice financially as well.

While the path to financial solvency Orr has laid out is a painful one, Stephen Henderson, a long time Detroiter and Editorial Page Editor with the Detroit Free Press says it's a road that leads to a better future for Detroiters.

We speak with Henderson about what he's hearing from Detroiters about the plan and how different he thinks the city will look when the dust settles.

Listen to full interview above.