Dimming the lights? People in Michigan's film industry worry they'll find less work in 2012

Jan 1, 2012

The state of Michigan starts 2012 with a new incentive for film and television productions. But people in the industry in Michigan fear the new incentive will not attract the volume of business they need to stay employed.  

Mark Adler is the director of the Michigan Production Alliance. He said many film people have already left the state of Michigan to find work. 

“The people that are players…that are keys…that we need…here in Michigan…were grown here…have sought work elsewhere," said Adler.  

Last month, Governor Snyder signed into law a major change to Michigan’s film tax credit. The old film tax credit was deemed to be too generous and cost the state too much for too little a return.   

Under the new law, the new Film and Digital Media Production Assistance Program will hand out $25 million  in 2012 for qualifying television and film productions.