DNR to move slowly in enforcing swine ban

Jul 4, 2011

 The state Department of Natural Resources says it will move slowly to enforce a ban on wild boar species that takes effect at the end of this week. The order declares some breeds of swine dangerous invasive species.

The Legislature began its summer break without reaching a deal that would allow hunting ranches to continue to offer wild boar hunts. The issue has split Michigan’s politically influential agriculture interests. Farmers and conservation groups say thousands of feral swine are tearing up farms and woodlands. Hunting ranches say the order would put many of them out of business.

Mary Dettloff is with the state Department of Natural Resources. She says there is still time to craft a compromise.

"We will not plan to do active enforcement of the order until April 1, 2012,” Dettloff said.

Dettloff says that will also hunting ranches time to schedule hunts to get of their boar, and, "What we will also be doing is giving the Legislature a little more time to work on this issue when they get back from summer break.

The holdup is fencing requirements for hunting ranches and how much the state charge them for the costs of regulating the industry.