DNR to search lake after illegal carp report

Jun 18, 2012

Wildlife experts are searching a southern Michigan lake for illegal carp this week after a fisherman submitted a photo of a 3-foot-long grass carp, a species of Asian carp.

A crew traveled today to set up nets in Marrs Lake in Lenawee County, about 20 miles southeast of Jackson. Department of Natural Resources agency biologist Todd Kalish  says the crew plans to pull out the nets on Thursday to inventory what's found.

MDNR Fisheries Specialist Elizabeth Hay-Chmielewski traveled with that group today.  She says the grass carp is capable of disrupting a lake's ecosystem.

"They eat the vegetation and out-compete native fish."

She says a high enough population of grass carp can completely strip a lake of plant matter.

Hay-Chmielewski says the MDNR is still working to confirm the presence of grass carp in Marrs Lake.

-Elaine Ezekiel, Michigan Radio Newsroom