Do roads have enough room for bikes and cars?

Jun 9, 2016


The biking community of Kalamazoo turned out last evening for a five mile silent ride, honoring the cyclists hit by an alleged drunk driver. Five people were killed and four were injured.


“The ride was part of what will be…a gradual healing process,” said Paul Selden, director of road safety for the Kalamazoo Bicycle Club.

He also represents Bike Friendly Kalamazoo, a network of volunteers dedicated to making its community more bicycle friendly.


“Kalamazoo as a whole is filled with people with positive energy…[We want] to try and turn something so horrible into something positive,” he said.


Selden says that this tragedy is nothing more than an anomaly.


“I feel just as safe today as I did June 7 before this tragic incident occurred,” he said.

Selden believes cars and bikes coexist well. However, bikers must know how to ride on the road if they are going to use it.

“I ride these roads almost everyday and there are thousands of drivers who past me. Many with wide margins to show respect and courtesy and everything goes fine,” he said.



Paul Selden is director of road safety for the Kalamazoo Bicycle Club