Donations pour into Lansing's 'Hot Dog Man' after Right to Work melee destroys his cart

Dec 14, 2012

An online fundraising campaign has collected thousands of dollars to help a Lansing man whose hot dog cart was destroyed during Tuesday’s anti-Right to Work rally at the state capitol.

Clinton Tarver’s hot dog cart has long been a fixture in Lansing, usually set up across the street from the state capitol.  But on Tuesday he was set up inside a tent on the capitol grounds. 

Union members tore down the tent, which housed right to work supporters.

In the ensuing melee, Clinton Tarver’s hot dog cart was trashed.  Organizers of an online fundraising campaign hoped to raise enough money to help Tarver replace the 500 dollars’ worth of damage to his equipment and lost supplies.    As of Noon today when the fundraiser ended, they raised more than 33 thousand dollars  

Tarver’s been overwhelmed by the response.

“I’m happy…I’m just so happy man….that people are showing so much love…for the hot dog guy,” says Tarver.

The Michigan State Police are investigating a complaint filed by the group that rented the tent that was destroyed during the union protest.