An engine so small it can go in your carry-on bag?

Nov 16, 2012

This summer, I reported on Ford Motor Company's new three-cylinder eco-boost engine.

Ford has already put this engine into the Focus in Europe, and I was the first  reporter to drive that car on American highways, rather than a small test track.  

I was really impressed with how much power the little engine gives you when you need it.    When I saw a Hummer up ahead with its much, much bigger engine, I took it as a challenge and passed the iconic gas guzzler with ease, going up hill. 

Ford is justifiably proud of the Ecoboost engine, which won the International Engine of the Year award.  Recently, to drive home just how small the engine is, Ford engineers actually put the engine block into a carry-on bag prior to boarding a flight. 

Nice photo op, Ford!

You can read more in Jalopnik.

On Monday, Ford is expected to announce that in the U.S., the 3-cylinder engine will be an option in the Fiesta subcompact.  If that version of the Fiesta doesn't get 48-50 miles per gallon on the highway, I'll be disappointed.