Federal court weighs Michigan same-sex marriage appeal

Aug 7, 2014

Credit User: Kelly Kline / Flickr

Michigan joined three other states yesterday in the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. All four states argued to keep their bans against same-sex marriage intact.

Rick Pluta with the Michigan Public Radio Network was in Cincinnati to hear the arguments. He joined us on the show today.

“The case in Cincinnati focused on the fact that this same-sex marriage ban was approved by voters, and that courts really ought not to step in and just change what voters have decided. So the arguments were: should the judiciary step in and say that states cannot ban same-sex marriage, and if now is the right time to do it.”

Pluta said there’s probably already been an initial decision made. Right now, he said, the judges are probably already in the stage of justifying whatever decision the majority or the unanimous panel came to. It will take at least a few weeks for us to know the decision.

You can learn more about Pluta’s report on yesterday’s hearing here.

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