Fixing Michigan's failing schools, what Detroit can learn from New Orleans

Jun 21, 2011

Michigan will try a drastic new approach to fix its failing public schools. The state will put what it designates as “persistently low-performing schools” in a special, statewide school district.

The effort will start in Detroit. The city’s public school system has gained national attention for its rock-bottom test scores and budget deficit. In fact, the school district is currently under an emergency manager.

Now, that emergency manager, Roy Roberts, will jumpstart the effort to put some Detroit schools in what the state is calling an Educational Achievement System starting in the fall of 2012.

These reform efforts sound similar to what New Orleans did with their struggling school system after Hurricane Katrina. Michigan Radio's Jenn White talks with reporters Jennifer Guerra and Sarah Hulett who spent time last year taking a look at the New Orleans’ reform efforts and what Detroit could learn from them.