Flint city council to meet with emergency manager this evening

Feb 13, 2012

The Flint city council tonight will do something it hasn’t done in a while.  Actually meet.   

One of the first things Flint’s emergency manager did after he took over city hall last December was to suspend the pay for city council members.  He also canceled council meetings.

He later reinstated some of their pay and he directed the city council members to meet with their constituents.

Council members have been attending the public meetings Emergency Manager Michael Brown has been holding around the city.  He takes questions about his management of the city and his plan to turnaround the Flint’s multi-million dollar budget deficit.

Flint is facing an $11 million deficit this year and the city’s cumulative deficit could be as high as $25 million. 

Tonight…it’s the city council’s turn to ask the questions in a public meeting.