Flint city council still refusing to approve new water contract with GLWA

Aug 28, 2017

With pressure on them building, Flint city council members will sit down with their attorney Tuesday afternoon to discuss their options in their fight against tying the city to a 30-year water deal.

The state and Flint’s mayor support the deal with the Great Lakes Water Authority, under which the city would continue to get its drinking water from southeast Michigan.

However, Flint City Council members are balking at the deal. Council President Kerry Nelson doesn’t think it’s in the best interests of Flint residents. He also doesn’t like that the governor supports the deal.

“We’re in this situation because of our governor,” Nelson told reporters Monday night. “Now he’s taken a stand and saying this is best for Flint. Well you said that before and we got poison water.”

The state Department of Environmental Quality is asking a federal judge to force the city of Flint to accept the new water contract. 

The state claims the council’s actions creates an “imminent” threat to public health.