Flint cops not confident about Chief Alvern Lock

Jun 29, 2013

FLINT, Mich. (AP) - Flint's police chief may not get invited to summer barbecues with his officers.

The police union says Chief Alvern Lock got a no-confidence vote from 85 percent of officers who cast a ballot. Seventy percent of 85 members participated.

The Flint Journal says the ballot mentioned a "lack of planning to increase staffing" to protect the public. Lock says he didn't know anything about the vote and had no reaction.

Mayor Dayne Walling disagrees with the union's position and calls Lock one of the Flint's hardest-working employees.

There has been tension between Flint officers and city officials. Kevin Smith's full-time job as a union leader was eliminated in March, and he was put on patrol. The union also has sued over pay cuts and longer shift hours.