Flint doctors raise concern about water filter effectiveness

Jun 30, 2016

The Genesee County Medical Society suggests pregnant women and children under 6 in Flint should stick to bottled water until more tests are performed.

That's despite the fact that federal agencies claimed water filters are working to remove lead from Flint tap water.

"We finally have enough data to agree that the filters work so well to remove the lead that everyone in Flint -- even pregnant women, nursing moms and young children -- can used filtered water here," Dr. Nicole Laurie, leader of the federal response to the Flint water crisis, told reporters last week.

Dr. Pino Colone is the president of the Medical Society.  He insists the society’s notice is not “opposing” the feds' position on filters. 

Colone says it's important Flint residents fully understand what’s considered “safe”.   He says it’s crucial that filters are properly installed, and lead levels checked.

“Levels in the water supply can fluctuate from time to time,” says Colone. 

Colone wants to see more test results, especially after a highly publicized flushing program in May.

He says it's possible that lead sediment could cause a spike in lead levels.