Flint emergency manager preparing to send budget plans to state

Apr 9, 2012

Flint’s emergency manager and his staff are working this week to wrap up a budget plan for the city.    The plan will include a request for up to $20 million in bonds to help close the city’s massive budget deficit.

Flint Finance Director Jerry Ambrose hopes the plan will be ready to submit to the state by early next week.   He says the budget plan will address the need to do “less with less”.   Ambrose says layoffs and furlough days are likely.

“We look at this as…. the worst year ever," says Ambrose, "Hopefully we’re not going to have to repeat this in another year.   But instead, we will begin to be able to build on…a new base.” 

The emergency manager is negotiating with Flint’s city unions,  hoping to reach agreement on deep contract concessions.    Flint firefighters have already reached a tentative deal with the city.

Ambrose says Flint’s emergency manager may be forced to use his powers to impose a new contract on the other unions.