Flint emergency manager sets monthly meetings with council, public

Jan 12, 2012

Flint’s emergency manager has signed an executive order creating monthly meetings with the city council. The meetings will include time for public comment.

Gov. Snyder appointed Michael Brown as Flint’s emergency manager in late November.

The move stripped the mayor and city council of their powers and ended council meetings.

The city will start monthly meetings in February, but the only role the council will have will be to call the meeting to order and adjourn it.

The emergency manager will conduct all business.

"Even though we, the city council, have no authority to really act, at least it gives them the opportunity to come and voice their concerns about what the emergency manager's doing," says Flint City Council President Scott Kincaid.

He says he’s glad the public will have a chance to speak at the meetings.

Flint ended the fiscal year about $7 million in debt.