Flint looking at ways to prevent crime

Oct 3, 2011

Citizens of Flint are talking about ways to reduce their city’s violent crime rate.    It’s all part of a special series of public meetings on crime prevention.   

Flint recently topped a list of the nation’s cities with the worst violent crime rates.    Gun violence is a chief problem.    Police say 90% of Flint’s homicides involve firearms.  

Donna Gallo was among dozens of Flint residents at a special public meeting on violent crime last night.  

“I’ve never seen it like this…I’ve never seen it like this….when the people moved in next to me…instead of saying ‘Hello, how are you’ …the question was…’How’s the crime here?’  ….I didn’t know how to answer that….two years ago it was fine….now it isn’t," says Gallo.  

People at last night’s meeting say Flint residents must do more themselves to help reduce violent crime.  Fred Anthony , a life-long resident of Flint, says  violent crime has never been this bad.  He says part of the problem is people don't want to step forward. 

“Not a lot of trust going on….people are not so quick to talk about what they see…and I think that’s going to be a problem if they don’t correct that," says Anthony. 

Flint recently received a federal grant that will help the city hire 6 police officers.