Flint mayor will use 'State of the City' address to look to a future without an emergency manager

Feb 17, 2013

Flint’s mayor delivers his State of the City address tomorrow.

He says he’ll map out a path for Flint to no longer need an emergency financial manager running his city.

Mayor Dayne Walling says now’s the time to begin preparing for life after an emergency manager.

The city has been under the direction of a state appointed manager since December of 2011.

The new emergency manager law that takes effect next month includes a provision that details how cities can get back to self-control.

Walling says he’ll use his State of the City address to lay out how that transition can take place.

“There are a number of steps that have to be taken, but I don’t give another State of the City for another 12 months, and a lot can get done between now and then, to move through this transition process,” says Walling. 

One major hurdle for the city to exit out of having an emergency manager is coming up with a workable plan to close its 19 million dollar deficit.