Flint rapper Jon Connor writes about the disaster in his hometown

Feb 5, 2016


Credit Emily Fox / Michigan Radio

Rapper Jon Connor says he’s "Flint to the bone."

He was born and raised in the city, but moved to California around two years ago after he was signed to Dr. Dre’s music label: Aftermath.

But Connor says his heart still remains in his hometown.

Flint’s water crisis drew Connor back home these past two weeks. He came home to check on his friends and family.

He also took time to volunteer at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and the Boys and Girls Club in Flint. He also wrote a song while he was in town. It’s called Fresh Water for Flint.

I met up with Connor at his mother's house. Connor talked about growing up in the city, how the water crisis has affected the community, and says this water crisis wasn’t the first disaster Flint has faced.

Fresh Water for Flint will be part of a full length album he’ll release this summer, dedicated to the city of Flint.