Flint residents paint a different picture of 'the most violent city in America'

Sep 27, 2013

There's no way to capture a town, or a place, or a person through one story.

It's just not possible. It's what Nigerian storyteller Chimamanda Ngozi calls "the danger of a single story."

People in Flint live with a single story told over and over about their city - that it's "the most violent city in the U.S."

A Tumblr page has emerged painting a different image of the city.

"The Most Violent City in America" blog says it's "inspired by numerous photo essays captured by outsiders..."

 This blog was created by a local city resident to juxtapose the negative perception of one of America's great cities.

It features people like this:

And photos with sarcastic photo captions -- like this one of revealing a "hard, street-worn resident tagging a wall":

Photo from the blog 'The Most Violent City in America.'

The blog encourages people to submit their own images of Flint.