Flint threatens to shut off water service to delinquent commercial customers

Dec 9, 2016

Commercial water customers in Flint who haven’t paid their bills could be shut off next week.

On Thursday, the city posted shutoff notices at businesses that are delinquent on the water and sewer bills.

Businesses, including two apartment complexes, have been told to pay up by next Thursday or lose water service.   Local charities are making arrangements to assist tenants of the apartment complexes find new places to live if their water and sewer service is cutoff.   Water service was part of the rent people living at the apartment complexes were paying. 

The city is under pressure from the state to raise its payment collection rate to above 70% by the end of the year.   Some state funding for the city’s water crisis is tied to reaching that threshold.  

The city is also warning delinquent residential customers to pay up or risk losing service.

A city spokeswoman says “there is no definite date at the moment” for cutting off residential service.   She adds “nothing will happen with residential (customers) until after the holidays.”