In Flint, Vice President Biden blasts Congressional Republicans for stalling jobs bill

Oct 12, 2011

 Vice President Joe Biden used a speech in Flint to chastise Congressional Republicans for stalling the President’s jobs bill.  

 Senate Republicans blocked a procedural vote on the $447 billion bill last night.    The bill’s tax hike on millionaires was a major reason cited.  

The bill contains money for hiring firefighters and police officers. Biden talked about how budget cuts in recent years have slashed the number of police officers and firefighters on Flint streets.  

 “If anyone listening doubts there’s a direct correlation between the reduction of cops and firefighters and the rise in concerns about public safety they need look no further than your city mr. mayor," Biden said. 

The vice president travels to Grand Rapids this afternoon to promote a school modernization provision in the president’s jobs bill.