Flint voters will likely cast ballots on 6 questions that would reshape city government

Aug 12, 2014

There may be six questions on Flint’s November ballot that would revamp the city’s 40-year-old city charter. 

Robert Wesley and other members of the Blue Ribbon committee talk to the media about proposed changes to Flint's city charter.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

The paperwork was filed with the clerk’s office today. 

Five of the proposals would eliminate some city offices. The sixth would create a charter commission to consider totally revamping Flint’s city charter. 

Robert Wesley headed up a blue-ribbon committee that looked at how Flint’s city government works. He hopes Flint residents will support the ballot questions.     

“They have to buy into this and I think that most of our citizens want to see our city move forward and this is a way to do that,” says Wesley. 

The Flint NAACP and city council members oppose the charter change proposals.

They are primarily upset with the role Flint’s emergency manager, Darnell Earley,  played in creating the proposals.