Flint's drag racing problem

Jul 3, 2011

Drag racing has become a serious problem in Flint.   But the city is taking steps to put the brakes on the illegal street racers.  

The Flint city council increased penalties last week on people caught drag racing.  Drag racers will now have to pay an administrative fee of up to $900 to get their vehicles out of the police impound lot.  

Police Captain T.P. Johnson is in charge of the city’s efforts to crackdown on drag racing.  

“With this administrative fee that the city council has added on to the ordinance…its’ going to be a $900 bill to get your car out….after you’ve been caught drag racing…that’s going to hurt anybody."

Johnson says illegal drag races in Flint can draw hundreds of spectators.   He says amateur drivers racing down city streets at high speeds is not the only danger.  

Johnson says the drag races attract people involved in violent crime and drug sales.