Ford launches new Fusion in five cities

Sep 18, 2012

Ford Motor Company launched the new Fusion today - in five different cities.

The big splash highlights the importance of the car to Ford.

More people buy midsize cars in the U.S. than any other size-- and midsize cars are becoming more popular in other regions of the world, too.

Ford wants to topple the dominant player, the Toyota Camry --and says the new Fusion will make even further inroads.

Raj Nair is Ford's head of Global Product Development. He says the hybrid version of the new Fusion has pulled way ahead of the competition:

"47 miles per gallon highway," he told a crowd of Ford employees at the company's Dearborn headquarters, "47 miles per gallon combined -- that makes it the most fuel efficient midsize sedan, period."

The non-hybrid Fusion starts at $21.700, but can cost more than $34,000 depending on the powertrain and options.

Customers will be able to choose from two turbocharged engines and two standard engines.

Dealers get the car in the fall.