Ford upgrades oft-criticized MyFord Touch

Mar 6, 2012

Ford is giving its touch-screen system, called MyFord Touch, a big upgrade.   The modifications will also be made to Lincoln vehicles.

The changes will be free to customers who already have the system in their cars.  Dealers will also upgrade new cars on their lots.

MyFord Touch uses a computer touchscreen to control things like the radio, IPod, cellphone, and navigation. 

Ford acknowledges the touchscreen had problems; it shut down unexpectedly, it took too long to respond to the customer’s touch, and there was too much information on the screen.  

Customers complained, and Ford’s ranking in quality surveys plummeted. 

Derrick Kuzak, Ford's head of Global Product Development, says the problems have largely been fixed, noting, "We expect that these improvements will put us back on track in the quality ratings."

Advanced in-car communication features like Ford’s are fast becoming essential elements in new cars.  That’s why Ford says it’s now as much a technology company as it is a car company.