Forget the Bahamas. Michigan is one of the best places to SCUBA dive

Jul 2, 2014

Credit Sonja Stark / Flickr

When it comes to great places to SCUBA dive, lots of people immediately think of the waters of the Caribbean or Mexico, with lots of amazing underwater life, beautiful coral, gentle warm water.

But there’s a hardy group of SCUBA divers who point to Michigan as one of the best places to dive.

In the Caribbean, you’re looking at coral and fish. But lakes have great shipwrecks that are over 150 years old.

Amber Iszler, a dive instructor at Capital City SCUBA in Lansing, said the wrecks are really well preserved because of the fresh cold water. In other locations, you would have a lot of deterioration in the oceans because of the creatures that live in there and the warm water.

“A lot of them look like you could patch up the hole and sail them away still,” Iszler said.

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