Freshman state lawmaker wins congressional seat in west Michigan

Nov 3, 2010

A freshman state lawmaker in west Michigan will become one of the youngest congressmen in the nation. 30-year old tea party favorite Justin Amash beat his democratic challenger Pat Miles Tuesday. “A lot of people in grassroots movements are looking for someone who’s going to go there and be transparent, be accountable, fight for the kind of freedoms this country has had for so long," Amash said, "I’m committed to doing that but I’ll bring my own approach to it and that means building relationships on both sides of the aisle.”

His opponent Pat Miles worries about that because Amash has cast more than 50 lone no votes in less than 2 years in the state house. Miles  told supporters in a concession speech he hopes Amash holds his word, "because as country we do better when we work together and that’s what we’ve got to get to to solve these problems."

Amash is known for explaining all of his votes cast in the State House on his Facebook page. He’s a staunch opponent of the federal health care reform bill, bailouts, and tax incentives that target specific industries