Genesee County starts hepatitis A hotline to inform residents as cases rise

Dec 13, 2017

Credit user mconnors / morgueFile

A spike in hepatitis A cases has prompted the Genesee County Health Department to start a telephone hotline to keep residents up-to-date.

The hotline provides information like symptoms of the infection, how it's transmitted, and where to get vaccines.

It also allows members of the community to ask questions and leave a detailed message.

Danielle Steplowski is an epidemiologist with the Genesee County Health Department. She said the Health Department has been receiving a lot of calls about hepatitis A.

"So we thought that this was the most useful way to kind of have another means of communication with the community," she said. 

Steplowski said residents will be able to call the hotline until further notice.

"It’ll be updated regularly, and we’ll be keeping it up until the outbreak is over," she said.

The hotline is available at 810-257-3048.