GM aims new electric mini-car at millennial, urban market

Oct 12, 2011

General Motors is adding another electric car to its lineup.

The Chevy Spark will be marketed as the perfect city car,  which translates to "small."

There will be a gas version of the Spark, and GM said in what it called a “surprise announcement" today it will make an all-electric version, too.

“The spark is technically a mini-car, so if you’re familiar with the Chevrolet Sonic, which is our new small-car entry – which is slightly smaller than the Cruze – the Spark would be one segment smaller than that. About the size of a Fiat 500,” says Chevrolet Marketing Manager Christi Landy.

Landy says the car is designed to appeal to millennials -- people born after 1980 -- and to city dwellers.

A GM spokesman says the Spark will be built in Korea.

The battery for the Spark will be produced by A123 Systems  in Michigan, but there’s no word on how many jobs that might create.

The Spark will first be sold in California next summer, with  the electric version available in summer  2013.

No range or mileage information is available yet for the Spark.

Chevrolet already makes the electric Volt, which has gasoline back-up.