GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain addresses issues, not allegations, last night in Hillsdale

Nov 29, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain says America is failing to lead the world: militarily, economically and morally.  But at a speech last night in Hillsdale, Cain did not mention the scandal dogging his campaign.     

Herman Cain spoke about foreign policy, economic policy and the need for moral leadership during his speech at Hillsdale College last night. Cain said the Obama Administration’s policies are hurting the United States, particularly the nation's economy.  

"The business sector is the engine of the economy…not the caboose," told the audience at Hillsdale College.   

Cain did not talk about the allegations of sexual harassment made by numerous women against him nor the allegation made this week that he’s been involved in a 13 year affair with a Georgia woman.     

The allegations anger supporters like Gary Shilling. But Shilling says his anger is not directed at Cain.   

"He’s being crucified…by the press," said Shilling after listening to Cain's speech.  

There are reports that Cain is reassessing his presidential bid, but his speech last night gave no hint that the campaign’s end is near.