Gov. Snyder celebrates his ability to follow Michigan's Constitution

Jun 13, 2013

It was a little late (they were shooting for June 1), but they got it done.

Michigan Gov. Snyder signed the budget into law this afternoon. After doing so they took to social media to fluff their feathers about their accomplishment:

Credit Gov. Snyder

Now is a good time to remind everyone that enacting a balanced budget is part of Michigan's Constitution.

So the state has had a "balanced budget" since 1964, maybe longer. Way more than three years in a row.

Maybe they meant, "we have a balanced budget and we didn't fight over it for months."

Setting state budgets during the Granholm years notoriously went late. In 2007, the state government had to shut down. But when all was said and done, budgets passed under Gov. Granholm were balanced too. She just didn't have the luxury Gov. Snyder enjoys - one party rule.

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