Gov. Snyder says he's not tied to running for 2nd term

Oct 1, 2011

Michigan hasn't had a governor leave after one term since the early 1960s, but current chief executive Rick
Snyder may end up doing just that.
 The businessman-turned-politician has said he isn't tied to running for a second term if he's gotten done in four years what he set out to do. He also hasn't ruled out running again in 2014.
Snyder tells The Associated Press his goals are "making a difference and giving something back," not necessarily staying in office.
If he does leave, Snyder will be the first governor since Democrat John Swainson to serve only one term. Swainson lost his 1962 re-election bid to Republican George Romney.
Other than Swainson, Michigan governors over the past six decades have tended to stay for two or three terms.