Gov. Snyder warns Michigan to get ready for new round of weather troubles

Feb 19, 2014

A new round of harsh winter weather is on the way. Snow, rain, and freezing rain are all part of the forecast for the Lower Peninsula, and the Upper Peninsula could be in for a blizzard.

Dealing with this year’s record and near-record cold and snow is already busting budgets as overtime, equipment, and supply costs are going higher than planned.

“This is a record winter in terms of cold, snow and we still have more to come,” said Gov. Rick Snyder.  

“We’re definitely using extra hours to patrol and stay out there,” said Michigan State Police Col. Kriste Etue. “As you know, we’ve had multiple-car pileups on the freeways, so when it’s all said and done, I’ll look at the overtime and we may have to balance it out over the course of a year. So it is taking a toll on our overtime. Absolutely.” 

The Michigan Department of Transportation says the freeze-and-thaw cycles this winter have already badly damaged roads and the pothole problem will only get worse – and more expensive – this spring.

The state is also asking citizens to step in and help with clearing road drains that are blocked by snow and ice. 

Snyder says his administration will submit a supplemental budget request to the Legislature to help deal with the added costs to state agencies and local governments.

State of Michigan emergency management website: www.michigan.gov/emhsd