Henry Ford, Beaumont health systems to begin screening job applicants for tobacco use

Sep 28, 2012

Two Southeast Michigan hospitals say beginning next year, job applicants who use tobacco of any kind will not be hired.  

Henry Ford and Beaumont health systems say the tobacco ban will include cigarettes, pipes, cigars, smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

Jay Holden is a Beaumont spokesman.

He says the policy will protect patients and personnel.

"The smell of smoke permeates  clothes," Holden says. "It does have an effect. We have many people that are sensitive to those smells. So we think it's important  we provide a smoke-free environment from a smell perspective, as well."

Holden says job applicants will be screened for tobacco during their pre-employment physical. If they test positive, they will not be hired. They will be allowed to reapply in six months.

Smoking has been forbidden on the hospitals' campuses since 2007.