Howes: Bureaucracy and politics stand in the way of Flint’s recovery

Sep 8, 2016

With the white-hot glare of worldwide publicity fixed on Flint, one might think the city would avoid doing anything to draw more attention. 

Like, for example, failing to pay the man heading the push to replace those lead pipes. 

Retired Brigadier General Michael McDaniel was appointed to lead the effort to rid the city of its lead pipes back in February. Seven months later, he hasn't seen a penny. 

The Detroit News​' Daniel Howes sat down with us today to discuss who's at fault and to talk a bit about State Attorney General Bill Schuette's continuing investigation into the Flint water crisis. 


Daniel Howes is columnist and associate business editor of The Detroit News. He tweets @DanielHowes_TDN.

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