Howes: Politicians say American workforce is ready. Talent deficit says otherwise.

Oct 27, 2016


We’re 12 days out from Election Day.

Throughout the long months of campaign speeches, Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes believes both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have missed the mark in addressing an issue that is key to Michigan’s future.

In his column today, he wrote that the candidates and their surrogates are putting out a message that better fits the Carter era than the era of Apple and autonomous vehicles.

“I think you get a lot of people talking to particularly blue-collar audiences and saying, 'You know, we’re going to bring jobs back, we’re going to essentially go back to the future.' And the future’s not coming back,” he told us.

“One of the big lies that is told by politicians, whether it’s told locally, at the state level or nationally, is that the workforce is ready, and I think in a lot of cases the workforce is not ready.”

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