Investigator: State agencies not turning over all Flint water documents to AG probe

Jun 22, 2016

The head of the Michigan Attorney General’s investigation into the Flint water crisis is threatening to take state agencies to court to force them to turn over documents.

Todd Flood has been leading Attorney General Bill Schuette's investigation into Flint’s lead-tainted water since January.

The probe has already resulted in criminal charges against three government officials.    A lawsuit has also just been filed against companies that acted as consultants to the city during the switch from Detroit water to the Flint River.

But when asked if state agencies are giving him all the documents he’s requested to date, Flood's answer was “No."

“But you can bet your bottom dollar, I’m going to get all the documents,” Flood told reporters in Flint today. “If I have to use whatever tool I need to use, I will get all the documents.”

Flood says he’s ready to take any state agency, “governor included," to court.

Investigators are asking for a wide range of documents, including texts, emails, voicemails, and even PowerPoint presentations.