John U. Bacon talks "Deflategate," Tom Brady, and Red Wings

May 7, 2015

Credit Flickr user Parker Anderson / Flickr

Tom Brady and "Deflategate"

The Wells Report, commissioned by the National Football League on the New England Patriots' "Deflategate" controversy, says Tom Brady was "generally aware of the inappropriate activities ... and the release of air from Patriots' game balls."

Our weekly sports commentator, John U. Bacon, thinks the controversy is "stupid."

SEC camp restrictions and recruiting violations

University of Alabama Coach Nick Saban has complained about the Southeastern Conference restricting its schools from holding summer camps outside a 50-mile radius of campus, giving schools that can travel, like Michigan, a competitive recruiting advantage.

Bacon thinks it doesn't matter because the SEC schools can take advantage of their year-round weather as well the country's demographic shift to the south. "They've got every possible advantage".

They use very "clever and systemic" ways to cheat, Bacon says, such as hiring the parents of recruits to work for county or city jobs in "parks and rec, sanitation, or transportation" in order to lure more disadvantaged recruits.

Harbaugh's recruiting tactics, on the other hand, do not violate National Collegiate Athletic Association regulations, nor are they unethical, according to Bacon. "Utterly fair," he says. 

Would Red Wings' Babcock consider U of M?

Mike Babcock's contract expires June 30. Bacon gives us the pros and cons Babcock would consider when deciding on his tenure with the Detroit Red Wings, and the reasons why he might want to move to the Toronto Maple Leafs and rejuvenate one of the most wealthy franchises in hockey.

On the possibility of him ending up with the Michigan Wolverines: Coach Red Berenson believes that he is on his last contract, and John says that while it's not likely, "it is not out of the question that Mike Babcock might end up at Michigan this year or next year."