Kildee: Congress will pass jobless benefit extension

Michigan congressman Dale Kildee expects congress will approve extending jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed next week. 

An extension would allow people who’ve been receiving jobless benefits for more than 26 weeks to continue to receive financial aid.   The current extension expires next Wednesday.    Hundreds of thousands of unemployed Michiganders will stop receiving unemployment checks unless an extension is approved. 

 Republicans blocked a recent attempt to extend the benefits.    But Democratic Congressman Kildee says they should have the votes to pass it now.

 "And I think we’ll get enough Republicans to come over on our side to give us the 218 votes to pass it," says Kildee, "So I’m very confident yet that under Regular Order that we will extend it through February."  


Kildee expects Congress will take up the jobless benefits extension next Wednesday, the same day the benefits expire.      Kildee says the extension should be retroactive.